Oddball Payroll Problems

oddball payroll accountingCovid-19 had been a big disruption for a lot of businesses. With employees needing to take off for sick leave if they catch the bug, many businesses have had to hire temporary staff to cover for them. Hiring temporary staff makes complications for your payroll if you’re not ready for it, since they’re not on your automated system. Oddball payroll can be troublesome and expensive to deal with.
It’s not just Covid that causes this, though. Contractors, freelancers, and seasonal people all create oddball payroll issues. At times, a contractor or a freelancer is more convenient than a regular employee, especially for short term jobs. If the job is only needed at certain times of the year, you can’t just train a regular employee to take on the extra responsibilities, as it can get in the way of their normal job. These irregular employees can make trouble for you.

Hidden Charges!

If you’re a small business and you’ve hired an outside company to handle your payroll, oddball payroll issues become a real hassle. Most companies will make you sign complicated contracts that have very specific situations they cover. If you don’t sign up with them for the right kind of contract, hiring temps, contractors, seasonal workers, or freelancers for temporary jobs often don’t fall under the terms of service. If you want your payroll company to handle them, they’ll charge you an arm and a leg to do it as a special service.

We Handle Oddball Payroll, No Problem!

virtual bookkeeping and temporary office staffingHere at Dragon Financial, payroll is one of the many services (https://dragonfinancial.com/services/) we offer. Unlike a lot of companies, we don’t charge extra to deal with unusual payroll situations. For our customers, that means that extraordinary, unforeseeable events – like the Covid outbreak – don’t make a difference. We won’t hassle you with extra charges and hidden fees, we just take care of them the same as any other regular employee.
This also applies to your seasonal workers. You’re already hiring seasonal workers because you need to save time and money, so why should we charge you more for hiring them? It defeats the purpose. With us, the price we agree to is the price you pay. You won’t have to worry about any surprise charges catching you at bad times.

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