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Outsourcing can save up to 50 hours or more per month. Find out how much time you will save with a free consultation.

Save Money

Businesses can save up to 68% annually by outsourcing rather than by hiring. Our experts get the job done right, and done fast.

Save Your Sanity

75% of global business leaders utilize outsourcing. We eliminate the tasks you dread the most by maintaining the books.

Business Financial & Office Operational Management Solutions

Your Top Business Solution Provider In Portland Oregon



Get world class quality while reducing costs with our accounting, payroll and human resources services. Dragon Financial offers a range of services designed for the unique requirements of our clients.
We offer management and bookkeeping solutions in Hillsboro, serving companies and organizations of various scopes and sizes.
We deliver solutions for businesses from different industries including manufacturing, distribution, and service industries, as well as for individuals and non-profit organizations.



No more dredging the mundane or the confusing.
We’ll take on the grunt work so you can enjoy focusing on building your business.
We understand that managing a business and handling bookkeeping tasks are no easy jobs. Dragon Financial seeks to get these difficult jobs done, so you can focus on other aspects of business management.
Our service will not only give you time-efficient solutions, but will also add value to the way you focus your efforts.



We set up an easy to use system for you, which is customized to each user that you can manage yourself or have us manage.
Since our establishment in 1997, we have learned that every business is unique and has different requirements, level of independence, and objectives.
As providers of business solutions, it is our job to understand these differences and use them to deliver the best services. We strive to take an individual approach and deliver a management and bookkeeping service tailored for the client.
We believe that every business needs effective financial management and record keeping, while keeping costs controlled. With our affordable services, your business can get significant savings without compromising quality of service.

Virtual Assistance


Physical distance is no longer an issue.
Gain immediate access to files and have instant availability of important papers for review and signatory.
Create efficiencies and money savings by neutralizing annoying interruptions. Projects are managed quickly and efficiently, even to remote travel locations.