Dragon Financial, Inc. was established in 1997. We have provided services to hundreds of individuals, companies, and organizations. Our business clients include manufacturing, distribution, non-profits, and service industries. We are happy to do as little or as much as you need done and have been known to train ourselves right out of a job! We want what is best for the client.

What We Offer

Whether your business wants to grow, restructure, become more profitable or more streamlined, Dragon Financial helps you meet the challenges you face along the pathway to success.
From temporary staffing needs and short-term projects to broad-based projects we meet your business needs with specialized accounting and bookkeeping services that:

  • Save you time and money
  • Give you precise, valuable information
  • Offer professional overviews
  • Clarify dynamic choices
  • Build success strategies
  • Help you enjoy your business more!


“People matter and results count.”

– Stephanie Gray – Founder


Leading the way with innovative and comprehensive accounting and business services to attract, develop, and sustain a diverse and talented business community focused on service excellence.

Meet our team

Here are the members of our team who make the magic happen.


Team Member

Janie joined us in the summer of 2014 and has been a great member of our team. She handles a variety of clients and industry types because of her versatility in bookkeeping, accounting, and office management.


Team Member

Terry joined the team in February of 2011. She loves streamlining your systems and finding processes to keep your world orderly and accurate, while providing the detail you want to see. Terry has several years of experience in office management. Her slightly OCD tendencies will help you get any part of your life organized and efficient.


Team Member

Teresa started in February 2006. She is our entry level go getter. She keeps the office running efficiently by handling all of the things that can be delegated to keep others on a higher level. A quick learner, she handles data entry and other tasks. She loves to drive so she is often the one picking up and delivering documents.


Team Member

Denise joined the staff in April 2005. She has been doing bookkeeping since she was a teen, and eventually decided to go back to school to earn her degree. Denise’s key strength is in all phases of accounting and she has years of experience with payroll including tax returns and reporting. Denise is also experienced with transportation and fuel taxes. She enjoys working on-site, with the more sophisticated software systems.


Tech Support

Dave is a behind the scenes techie guy keeping all our tools running efficiently. He also designs spreadsheets to fit custom parameters for a client – like tracking vacation time and unique policies.


Owner & Founder

Stephanie is a generalist, a great technician, and loves a challenge. Her strengths include a calming effect and the ability to always find alternatives. With a vast amount of varied experience, business owners and managers trust her and brainstorm with her in confidence.

Real Customer


Knowing that I have you [Dragon Financial] as one of my key resources allows my energies to be devoted to building my business.

TJ Helm

Galileo Professional Services, Inc.


  • Communication – Expressing thoughts, ideas, and feelings verbally, written, and in person.
  • Integrity – Standing behind words and actions.
  • Fun – Enjoying activities and environment.
  • Accuracy – Measurable consistency within guidelines.
  • Timeliness – Meeting due dates and commitments.
  • Education – Ongoing learning formally and informally and using co-workers as resources.
  • Flexibility – Ability to accommodate.
  • Loyalty – Acting in the best interest of the client and the company.
  • Variety – Providing assortment of accounting and business services.
  • Balance – Win / Win / Win (Company/Client/Self)