Virtual Bookkeeping To Help With Covid-19

Help! I'm burried with work!With Covid-19 causing havoc with businesses around the country, it’s a struggle to keep things straight.  Lock-down orders might be preventing businesses from opening, forcing them to have employees work from home where possible. If employees get sick, they can’t work at all. With all this going on, your business might need help keeping on top of things. That’s where Dragon Financial’s virtual bookkeeping services might just save the day!

What Can We Do For You?

The short answer is “a lot.”  As a digital financial service company, there are a lot of things we can cover for you if you need help. We can fill in the worker gaps for sick workers. Maybe you’ve always handled your bookkeeping yourself but the outbreak is just too much for you to handle on top of everything else. Whatever you need, we can help you save your sanity. Here are 5 services that could be useful.


1. Virtual Payroll

Let’s be honest, despite some businesses being closed, there is a lot of extra work going on for business owners right now. We can help with payroll with both the typical and non typical payroll schedules, even on a temporary basis.  Plus the last thing you want to deal with are payroll issues. It can upset your employees and might just turn into a PR nightmare. If you’re finding it hard to keep up with this, our virtual assistants can take over for you. We’ll make sure that everybody gets what they’re owed, even if they can’t get what they deserve.


2. Temporary Office Staffing

virtual bookkeeping and temporary office staffingGiven how contagious COVIDovid-19 is, if someone in your office got infected, it’s likely that many others around them did as well. You could end up with half your staff in quarantine for two weeks. You can’t force them to come in, and if they’re dealing with the symptoms, working from home will probably be just as difficult for them. It’s not worth it to try and force employees to work while they’re sick, so why not come to us? We’ll set you up with the right people to fill those vacancies and keep your business running smoothly. We can even do the work online so you don’t have to worry about them bringing the disease to your workplace!

3. Accounts Payable

With all the extra work you are taking on with operational issues, it’s easy to lose track of things. Any payments you miss during the outbreak are just payments you’ll have to make further down the line and that can really throw off your budget. Not every service you get will be available for automatic payments, and managing them, especially if you have to sit down with the vendors, can be a hassle. If you want to take some of the stress off, let us handle it for you!

4. Budgeting and Consulting

No business saw this coming. The surprise of the outbreak and the measures taken to deal with it are unprecedented. How do you deal with them? We can help you out. Our virtual assistants can sort through your finances, analyze your business needs, and help you plot out a new budget and business plan to help see you through the crisis.

5. General Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping can be tricky even when there isn’t a mutant cold virus running amuck. With the added stress and increased employee sick-days, it can become overwhelming. If you just need some extra help making sure all of your accounting is in order, we can help there, too! It’s a specialty of ours.

Let Us Help

Social distancing, lockdowns, and quarantines are keeping us separated, especially in the workplace. Thankfully, the internet lets a lot of this stuff be done online. Instead of risking exposure to the disease and the PR nightmare that can rise from that, take your finances onto the net, where Covid-19 can’t touch them. If you need any extra help with any of the above services, or even more, we’re ready to help.

Just get in touch with us. Our virtual assistants are always ready to help you with the business of your money. We’ll help you save time, help you keep going during the outbreak, and, most importantly, help preserve your sanity. Give us a call and see what we can do for you!